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Since 1995, JusticeTrax has endeavored to produce a suite of products geared specifically toward the law enforcement and forensic community. Over the years, our applications have gained increasing acceptance among city, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Our applications are designed by forensic scientists and are the most comprehensive case management tools available today.


Our solutions integrate evidence tracking, analytical results, forensic laboratory management, property room management and reporting, to provide a comprehensive view of the overall case. One hundred (100) forensic laboratory systems and property and evidence units around the world use JusticeTrax software daily to produce and deliver accurate analyses and information as quickly as possible. Our solutions, built specifically for the law enforcement community, are constantly enhanced from the input of thousands of criminalists currently using our applications, and our staff, which is made up of computer engineers teamed with forensic experts with years of field experience.


With installations ranging from small, single-site laboratories of five (5) users, to extremely large multi-site installations with 500+ users, we have the honor of serving some of the most sophisticated crime laboratories in North America, Australia, and the Middle East.

Laboratory Staff Member using LIMS-plus

Our Commitment to Our Customers

At JusticeTrax, we recognize the heavy responsibilities of our customers and appreciate the crucial role they play in our society. Our mission is to create and expand a sustainable partnership with our customers that supports their goals by delivering products and services that make them more efficient. This is our mission.


JusticeTrax employees will respect our customers and acknowledge the significance of the roles they fulfill in protecting our society. This is our obligation.


JusticeTrax will become the leading developer of software tools for forensic labs, and a leading provider of information services for law enforcement agencies worldwide. Our employees will be motivated and rewarded by the work we do and our stakeholders will enjoy a healthy return on their investment. This is our vision.


Photo of Two Laboratory Workers Entering Evidence Analysis Results into a Computer Application

Today more than ever, forensic scientists are expected to do more with less. They must quickly complete their examinations and render accurate opinions using limited staff and budgets. Additionally, forensic scientists must track evidence, manage workloads, and produce accurate documentation. These are not easy tasks when laboratories receive hundreds if not thousands of requests per year.


JusticeTrax LIMS-plus® v5 brings it all together for the Crime Laboratory. Designed by forensic scientists, LIMS-plus v5 is one of the most comprehensive case management tools ever created. LIMS-plus v5 is a versatile software solution that not only leverages the power of the new technology with the many customizable features in the application but also integrates evidence tracking, analytical results and lab management information to provide a clear view of your laboratory and every case in it.


LIMS-plus v5 was developed on the Microsoft .NET framework and utilizes Microsoft SQL Server for its database needs. LIMS-plus v5 is a secure and fully ODBC/OLE DB compliant system and is the first version running in a web-delivered environment. The LIMS-plus database and all data reside on a secure server within the laboratory, while users access the application from any PC or laptop computer with appropriate network rights. Maintenance and upgrades are simplified and scalability is easier than ever, which will reduce and protect your initial software investment.


LIMS-plus DNA Screenshot

JusticeTrax, Inc., is proud to announce the addition of a new product to our suite of applications designed for the forensic laboratory. JusticeTrax LIMS-plus DNA is a stand-alone DNA application designed to reduce DNA backlogs by automating forensic sample processing for both casework and databanks as well as automating the delivery of DNA profiles to local, state, and national databanks.


Benefits of LIMS-plus DNA include:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity through one-time sample entry, spatial plate views of batches, and laboratory-defined forms. Import/export of sample information is also available for LIMS-plus enabled laboratories.

  • Compliance assurance for the FBI Quality Assurance Standards is improved by tracking reagents and amplification kits, as well as all positive and negative controls, throughout the process.

  • Batches are process driven, allowing edits as sample results dictate, meaning the laboratory has process flexibility. New and updated procedures are integrated as they are validated.

  • Real-time information for technical leaders and supervisors who are responsible for accuracy and timeliness of operations.

  • Uses browser-based, modern architecture that requires no locally installed software and is designed to integrate with other applications. All data is stored on a secure server within the laboratory, allowing user access from laptops and tablets.

LIMS-plus Portal

Officer Entering Evidence Information from Patrol Car

JusticeTrax, Inc., has been helping forensic laboratories automate internal laboratory processes with LIMS-plus for nearly two decades. In addition, we have used our years of forensic experience, combined with innovative technologies, to deliver software as a service (SaaS) applications designed to create a more efficient workplace through information sharing.


At JusticeTrax, we understand that the laboratory is mostly focused on the time it takes to produce analytical reports, not on entering evidence, answering calls for status updates or mailing/e-mailing reports to detectives, prosecutors and public defenders. Enter LIMS-plus Portal, a new application to address these time-consuming issues. (LIMS-plus Portal is a combination of JusticeTrax's previous iPreLog and iResults applications.)


Imagine the time the laboratory could save if the analysts didn't have to manually enter evidence and requests for analysis information. From the crime scene, in a car, or on an office computer, the pre-log portion of LIMS-plus Portal provides the ability for the investigating officer to submit evidence information to the laboratory through a secure internet connection. The submitting officer can enter information on the items collected as well as related offenses, individuals, and even details on requests for analysis to be performed on each item. When arriving at the laboratory, the submitting officer need only provide the printed LIMS-plus Portal receipt generated during the information entry, along with the evidence being submitted, to the receiving clerk. The clerk simply scans the receipt's barcode to receive the evidence and related information from the list of submitted information. From there, the staff members need only verify the information entered and generate an evidence receipt for the submitting agency representative. Deploying LIMS-plus Portal will significantly decrease the time it takes to process the receipt of new evidence.


LIMS-plus Portal also provides the ability for requesting agency representatives to log into this secure SaaS application 24 hours a day to verify the statuses for their requests for forensic analysis, which completely eliminates calls to the laboratory for case statuses. When reporting information is available, it is auto-uploaded from LIMS-plus and approved agencies can view it without delay. This alone creates a much more efficient process for the laboratory's administrative staff.


LIMS-plus Portal was designed by JusticeTrax to eliminate the duplication of efforts and to maximize employee time. Every moment an analyst or administrative staff member saves because of LIMS-plus Portal is a moment better spent processing evidence and closing cases. In addition, the laboratory can rapidly transmit information and reports to criminal justice partners. This information sharing capability between criminal justice professionals - including responding officers and detectives, prosecutors, public defenders and judges - will extend significant improvements beyond the laboratory. In fact, improvements in case processing will be seen all the way through to the court proceedings.


Evidence Tape and Evidence Storage Area

Secure and automate evidence and property management for your property room and the agencies you interact with by leveraging the strengths of ChainLinx, one of the most complete property and evidence management solutions available today.


ChainLinx is versatile software that integrates item barcoding, item tracking, statistical and administrative reporting and item management with a dynamic user interface to provide you with a clear view of the items of evidence being collected and stored by your agency. ChainLinx combines our years of experience in developing forensic software with the latest in browser-based technology, creating a management tool for the evidence and property room that is both flexible and powerful. ChainLinx is a tool that is designed to work the way your agency works.


ChainLinx is developed on the Microsoft .NET framework and utilizes Microsoft SQL Server for its database needs. ChainLinx is a secure and fully ODBC/OLE DB compliant system. Running in a web-delivered environment, the ChainLinx database and all data reside on a secure server within the department, while users access the application from any PC or laptop computer with appropriate network rights. Maintenance and upgrades are simplified and scalability is easier than ever, which will reduce and protect your initial software investment costs.

Employment - Current Openings

All Positions are located in Mesa, AZ at our Headquarters

To Apply, please forward your CV/resume and cover letter to JusticeTrax Jobs and include the position being applied for in the subject line.

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Compensation and Benefits

  • ♦ Competitive salary, commensurate with experience.
  • ♦ Employer/JusticeTrax paid Medical, Dental, Short & Long-Term Disability, Long-Term Care, & Life Insurance
  • ♦ 401k match is 100% on your first 4%, after 3 months of service.
  • ♦ Paid Time Off (PTO) – 25 days in your first year. PTO can be used for vacation, sick time, and holidays.
  • ♦ Casual dress and work environment, flexible work schedule, and free coffee.


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Meet Our Sales Staff

Photo of Jason Pressly
Jason Pressly

National Sales Manager


Jason Pressly has been employed with JusticeTrax as the National Sales Manager since August 2008 and is responsible for product sales for North America. Jason earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Southern Mississippi in May 1996. His professional career began in forensic science with the Mississippi Crime Laboratory, where he worked as a Certified Latent Print Examiner and as a member of the Violent Crime Response Unit from 1997 through 2004. He also worked as a forensic consultant specializing in latent print training and casework examinations from 2004 through 2008.

Jason is a lifetime active member of both the International Association for Identification (IAI) and the Mississippi Division of the International Association for Identification (MDIAI). He has, in past years, served as both a member and Chair of the Safety Committee for the IAI and also as 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President, President and Chair of the Board of Directors, as well as served on numerous committees for the MDIAI. Jason is a published author having written an article, "Ninhydrin on Latex Gloves: An Alternative Use for and Old Technique," appearing in the Journal of Forensic Identification, 49(3), 1999, pp. 257-260. He also published a series of latent print processing articles in the official publication of the MDIAI, The Magnolia Print.

Jason brings a unique understanding of forensic science to the Business Development Unit. As a former forensic scientist, Jason not only understands how evidence flows in and out of agencies, he also has a vast knowledge of the examinations performed on evidence collected at crime scenes.



Photo of David Epstein
David Epstein

Business Development Manager


With over 32 years as a forensic scientist, David Epstein is currently the Business Development Manager for JusticeTrax. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science from the University of Central Florida and has extensive experience, having performed analysis of firearms, tool marks, controlled substances, blood and beverages for alcohol concentration, fire debris, paint, fibers, glass, and biological specimens. Additionally, he directed the Acadiana Criminalistics Lab, a full-service regional crime laboratory in New Iberia, Louisiana, for 10 years. David went on to become the Chief Operations Officer for the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC), which he joined in 2000. He has served on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) and the American Board of Criminalistics (ABC). David has maintained certification by the ABC since 1995.



Photo of Mary R. Cook
Mary R. Cook

Business Development Specialist


With over 27 years in law enforcement, Mary R. Cook has been the Business Development Specialist for JusticeTrax for the past 6 years. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Western Michigan University and an AS in Fire Science from Kellogg Community College. Mary was a certified Police Officer and Firefighter in Michigan. A certified expert in accident reconstruction, Mary is very familiar with evidentiary processes and procedures.



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JusticeTrax product features include:


♦ Chain of Custody
♦ Requests for Evidence Transfer
♦ Remote Logging of Evidence
♦ Notifications and Alerts
♦ Exhibit Auditing
♦ Web Delivery
♦ Analytical Reporting
♦ Workload Tracking
♦ Immediate Web Distribution of Final Reports
♦ Chemical Inventory Management
♦ Reagent and Recipe Management
♦ Item Management Plans
♦ Dynamic User Interfaces
♦ Application & Instrument Integration
♦ Custom Workflows
♦ Quality Management
♦ DNA Lab Information Management
♦ Custom Projects
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